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MSF will also expand the provision of antiretroviral drugs to sex workers with HIV. Several of them are now well enough to seek new jobs and a way out of prostitution. With its small staff, including HIV-positive counsellors and former sex workers, MSF cannot educate, test or supply every sex worker with condoms in Kinshasa.

While working girls are snapping up the free condoms, the resolve of self-confident Londoners such as Judith is limited when customers resort to money or violence.

In push-up bras and sassy hair, Kinshasa's upper-class prostitutes get down to business at le Trente-Six Quinze.

The prostitutes, known as the Londoners because they dress like British girls on a Saturday night out, sup Cokes by the Congo and gaze through blue-tinted contact lenses at Russian pilots and Chinese businessmen grabbing fat slices of pizza.

Outside cocoons of private affluence such as the golf club, millions have no jobs and no cash and yet must pay for schooling and healthcare.

Everything is for sale, piled into pyramids by the road: rocks, maize, phone cards, inner tubes, pineapples, coffins, antelope heads, fanbelts, flip-flops and sex.

In the Savannah bar, the stereo plays Ebony and Ivory.

So they continue to dice with death to earn "big money" - .

Run by Médecins sans Frontières, the clinic at Matonge is the only one for thousands of sex workers among the seven million people of Kinshasa, a city both ruined and terribly alive.

Clutching cheap handbags, they tell tales of exploitation.

"Many sex workers are hidden - students and housewives who have sex for food. Little by little, those living with HIV understand they need to take on this issue themselves." A key player in the transmission of HIV in Kinshasa is "the Love", the boyfriend/pimp who lives with many of the working girls.

Their family does not know they are sex workers." Dr Louis and the MSF staff first offer free care for the sex workers, the most vulnerable and stigmatised group in a traumatised city. Natalie Mangassa, 24, and Safia Bahavu, 26, are among 60 young women who use grubby mattresses laid on the concrete floors of Hotel Muma in the city's east end. Two brothers who own the hotel say they simply charge clients for a room, but one admits he also has sex with the girls.

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