Yugioh dating game

Had there been a more complex, involved sim experience, Beginning of Destiny would have been a much different (and better) game.

But of course, the entire school is really just an avenue towards card battles, which is the primary gameplay mechanic of Beginning of Destiny. fans will be happy to know that the card battles in the game are almost perfect replications of the actual card game, down to the surprisingly technical rules and card chains.

GX The Beginning of Destiny is a "niche game" would be an understatement.

Not only is this game based on the card game and a subsequent anime spin-off, but the gameplay is highly technical and encapsulated within a college/dating sim that only a special type of gamer can appreciate.

Even when you talk to the main characters, the social networking element is still painfully lacking.

You can usually only select from four conversation topics each time you speak with one of the characters: Duels, Hobbies, The Academy and Rumors.

Another issue we noticed, one that may have been accepted long ago by veteran Yu-Gi-Oh! Beginning of Destiny has a number of features that enable you to build a deck with semi-limited effort (organizing by type, attribute, or performing searches, etc.), but when your total number of cards begins to climb, the entire system feels like its just itching to break free of its digital constraints and move elsewhere.

For us, it's much easier to organize a physical set of cards than to scroll through massive lists and spreadsheets looking for the right combination of monsters and spells.

What's even more embarrassing for Beginning of Destiny is the presence of slowdown in certain areas -- there's really no excuse for stutters in such a graphically underwhelming title.

This is the college sim portion of the game and it is, unfortunately, one of the weakest parts.

Games like Harvest Moon have long since nurtured and expanded the day-to-day mechanic that gives you new challenges, new people to talk to and a varying schedule to keep things from getting repetitive.

I should note that I have a relatively extensive history with the card game -- my friend and I used to play it often so I was familiar with the mechanics before going in.

Honestly, there's very little to say here because explaining the actual card game would require numerous pages of text.

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