Wireless network hangs on validating identity

i dont have problem using lan but im wondering why i cant use wifi... i tried restarting my router too but that didnt changed a thing..

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Anyway, as you have probably by now surmised, I have been googling this thing for a very long time now and fruitlessly attempting the various fixes found on various geek sites.

I need somebody who actually speaks Inner-Guts-Of-Computer to help me run the appropriate diagnostics and pinpoint exactly what procedures need to be done, instead of their second cousins twice-removed.

Yes, it is set to automatically detect same and no, the problem is not with the router/modem; my husband's laptop is sitting right next to it and connecting just fine.

My educated guess would be that something got unnecessarily deleted from/altered in the registry.

This all started a few months back when I had an original problem, took it into some (SEEMINGLY) reputable guys who basically turned out to be horrible shysters.This was initially released in the 1706 Tech Preview, but since then Microsoft has put a lot of effort into the functionality of the latest builds and have really made it shine!Apple Pay allows customers to quickly pay without entering payment, shipping, or contact information on supported websites from their Mac, i Phone, or i Pad.(It was, however, set to Automatic.) There were no changes observed after this. Checking service configuration: The start type of Net Bt service is OK. There is still more that can be done hang in there we will get this solvded.Inadequate Infirmity: Here is the FSS scan log: Farbar Service Scanner Version: Ran by Emily Jones (administrator) on at Running from "C:\Documents and Settings\Emily Jones\Desktop" Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (X86) Boot Mode: Normal **************************************************************** Internet Services: ============ Dhcp Service is not running. Edited by Inadequate Infirmity, 04 April 2012 - PM. I have created a restore point and am in the process of creating and merging the file with the copied text.

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