Who is will kirby dating

, Vanessa Kirby has relished the opportunity to learn more about the monarchy and Queen Elizabeth's fiery, free-spirited sister.

Sitting across from me at Avec Nous in Beverly Hills in late October, Kirby lights up as she talks about the real Princess Margaret's rebellious behavior (she was known for putting cigarettes out on her dinner plate, for one) and laments that Margaret could have become a dancer or actor if she wasn't, you know, and Kirby recognize the fact that, in the press, Princess Margaret was often defined by her relationships.

When I got the job I’d just got back from a three-week road trip with my girlfriend.

Earlier this year, rumors swirled that Kirby was dating her co-star Tom Cruise, giving her a real taste of what it's like to have your personal life scrutinized by the tabloids."I hadn't even met Tom Cruise, and the papers reported that I was marrying him — and I've had a boyfriend for three years," Kirby says.Kirby currently works with the organization War Child, which provides assistance to children in areas experiencing war or political conflicts.She's traveling with them to the Central African Republic and plans on screening Margaret's episodes of In February, she's set to shoot a documentary with a filmmaker friend about the powerful female elders of indigenous tribes.Fast forward to 2017: Prince Harry announced his engagement to biracial American actor Meghan Markle on Nov. He will be the first royal to marry a divorcée since former King Edward VIII abdicated the throne to marry Wallis Simpson in 1936.He is essentially modernizing the family just like Margaret wanted to do.

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