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I'm lukman Bale frm nigeria i love u somuch.i supported u since wen u were at arsenal b4 moving 2 barca, now am barca fan but as soon as u lived barca i swear lukman wil follow u wherever u are going.i know u will b at red bull club after world cup.u are my bst sportmanship.i pray we meet one day but if i could'nt make it cos i came frm poor background,i wil meet u in heaven. I was actually better friends with her sister Jovanna. I'm sure everybody knows that by now because she's all over the internet. She has a sister who is 2 years younger and lives in Barcelona as well.Before we knew it, he had flicked it up and volleyed it into our net.Playing against him was difficult, to say the least.Rule No 1 with Henry: don’t get in a race with him. He was a brilliant centre-forward and he won the lot: World Cup, European championships, European Cup, Premier League, Spanish league, French league, FA Cup. With Henry the key for defenders was to stand off, so that if he did fancy a sprint you at least had that extra five yards on him. A source told the paper that the actress did her best to persuade him – but he was having none of it.‘Naomie was beckoning him over while throwing some sexy shapes but Thierry politely declined.’ a source told the paper.

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She looks a lot better in person and was not much of a partier.

Jokate Mwegelo is one of the celebrated influential people in Tanzania. After several months of their very public break up, it seems the business woman cum fashionista has moved on.

She first graced the Forbes Top 30 Under 30, then was spotted hanging out with Beyonce and Jay-Z and now this?

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Thiery Henry could lose half his £25 million fortune after his wife was granted a quick divorce yesterday.

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