Who is michelle branch dating

Whatever inspires us more and pulls us more, will probably be what we’ll record and what we’ll spend time on.”For now, the couple has returned home to Nashville, and are taking some time to plan their future together. Last night, right before I blew out my candles, @officerpatrickcarney asked me to marry him and then I had nothing left to wish for ✨❤️ 34 might be the best year yet.

(ET has reached out to Verve Records for confirmation.) “The state of the music business is really strange, but I’m excited to move forward and make as much music as I can and be as independent as possible…

The record was Branch’s first full-length LP since 2003’s ‘Hotel Paper’.

Well, we were just about to send out ‘Save The Dates’ for our wedding in May when we got this little surprise…

'It runs the gamut.'In the interview, Branch opened up about how the drummer 'stuck his neck out' for her in bringing Hopeless Romantic to light amid creative differences from her label, Verve Records, who eventually put out the 14-track recording.'Patrick was like, "You’ve been in this situation, and emotionally you need to do this.

You need to get this record out and move on with your life,"' she told the magazine, noting that the Howlin' for You musician said he'd pay for the album if Verve wasn't willing to.'I’d never had someone who was that supportive,' she said. We both just jumped in with both feet.'The couple will be touring together in support of Branch's album over the summer, she told the publication.

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