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Kevin wanted to do a word association game with Franco, and he said the word family. His mother had always been dusting with a feather duster.

Franco refused to go along at first, but Kevin thought that Franco's suggestion of spewing a stream of consciousness would be too complicated and too much work. Kevin assumed she had been cleaning up after Bobby and Andy.

Olivia avidly spoke about taxes and bettering the lives of the local people, and Ned joked that she should have been the one to run for mayor.

Suddenly, as Monica and Michael walked in, Olivia spotted the article about Alexis and Julian. The family read the article that suggested that Alexis' vote on the redevelopment might have had more to do with her trying to save Julian's pub. The reporters began to call, but the Quartermaine family decided to not comment on the article.

Julian got on the phone with Scott to try to stop the article but learned there was nothing that could be done. Ned and Olivia were at their home, awaiting the election results.

Elizabeth invited Kim to the pub, but Kim revealed that she and Oscar were regretfully headed to the Quartermaine mansion to wait for the election results because the Quartermaines were Oscar's new family.

Franco got to Kevin's office and wondered where Faison's jarred brain had gone.

He wanted to speak to Monica separately, but just then, Oscar and Kim arrived.

Molly began to read out loud the article that mentioned Alexis visiting with Nora Buchanan, which had resulted in Julian's release.

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