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Questions were raised over the lack of skid marks, as the taxi driver stated that he hadn't seen any skid marks on the scene, and that his taxi had been pushed over 30 meters. Also, there was a question of whether or not Daesung had been driving over the speed limit.Although Daesung himself had said he had been driving at 80 km/h - above the limit - the taxi driver said otherwise, saying that he had been driving at 60 km/h.If he had been tired but driving slowly and still not seen the motorcyclist and hit him, yes, that could probably be called an accident.

With the release of the group's second studio album Remember (2008), in which the second single released, "Strong Baby", was performed solely by Seungri, he began to adopt a more mature image as an artist. The latter peaked at number seven on the Gaon Digital Chart, and the album sold over 50,000 copies.=== Here's everything that we know for certain, and a few things that we know for certain: The Accident On May 31st, at approximately AM, Yeongdeungpo police responded to an emergency 119 call (the Korean equivalent of 911) from nearby Yanghwa Bridge, an eight-lane bridge that crosses over the Han River.When they arrived on the scene, they found a taxi rear-ended by Daesung's Audi and a nearby motorcyclist sprawled on the ground, along with his trashed motorcycle.The taxi driver had first spotted the motorcyclist, Hyun, lying on the ground, and had successfully maneuvered his taxi to a stop and had turned on the emergency lights.Daesung's Audi was separated from the taxi by another car, who managed to successfully avoid the crash site.

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