What kind of material is radiocarbon dating used on

Therefore, archaeologists have tested charcoal/shell pairs and dated historically recovered shell samples to determine what the local reservoir effects may be.

To adjust our conventional age 14C dates, we can use special software programs such as CALIB to calibrate our dates.

When radiocarbon dating was developed, it was assumed that the concentration of 14C in the atmosphere was constant over time.

Fortunately, there are a number of computer programs that can perform this task.

In addition, we also know that marine samples are susceptible to fluctuations in carbon 14 because of ocean upwelling and other factors.

Site numbers in the United States are based on the "Smithsonian Trinomial System" where each State has its own number (e.g., WA=45), the County within the state has a two letter abbreviation (e.g., Crook County = CR), and sites within the county are given numbers consecutively as they are found and recorded (i.e., 45xxnnn).

So, a site labelled as "45CR121" would be the 121st site recorded in Crook County, Washington.

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