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We’re not at the point where there’s hundreds of sales to choose from yet, but I managed to find some great stuff in the few there were.My weekend actually started with a Craigslist find. Something that was locked in a store that wouldn’t open until the next day at 10 am.The blazer is the ultimate power move; it shows that you take your work seriously.

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Vera Bradley knows there are a million reasons why #itsgoodtobeagirl, and they’re on a mission to flood the world with all the ways the sisterhood rocks. This frock is conservative enough to dress up for the office, and chic enough to dress down for happy hour. For the days you need to look buttoned up yet approachable, this pretty patterned scarf is your secret weapon.They’re neutral but versatile, meaning you can dress them up with tights, or dress them down with leggings and an oversized scarf. Another reason we love fall clothing is because it makes us feel empowered.We’re hardworking girl bosses by day, and fun-loving ladies by night. Fido gets exercise, and you get to show off how chic you look in a stylish but comfy persimmon poncho and laid-back tan cords. It gets its va-va-voom from a daring neckline, peekaboo sleeves, and a flaunt-your-legs length.

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