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Desktop Alert is IP-Based alert technology, which provides consistent integration with enterprise-class federated environments and shares communications and commands using standard protocols.

This website is created, funded and managed by the former employees of Pacific Western Airlines. If you have any contributions or comments, please submit them to the Webmaster.

Reminder on the Reunion Picnic in the Park - Sunday, August 12 from PM to PM - Hazelmere RV Park 18843 8th Avenue Surrey, BC If you have not received an Evite that looks similar to this image, please send an email with your preferred address to Gale Brisseau (amended address).

This event is open to PWA alumni so please include the last department you worked in.

Net Based Platform which sends mission critical and life-saving alerts across an organization’s existing computational infrastructure.

Targeted devices include but are not limited to desktop and laptop workstations computers, PA Giant Voice systems, Vo IP phones, digital signage, mobile apps, NFPA approved fire alarms, and more.

1991, From the book Peterson First guide to Clouds and Weather Here are four photos of contrails, scanned from the book.

North Vancouver, 1989 Paris, March 31, 1983, Oli Bac Oregon, 1990, mdintenfass 1986, March 8. 1988, Prague pre-1981 – Plates 173 and 174 from “A Field guide to the Atmosphere“, by Schaefer and Day 1977 Michigan – a single persistent contrail cuts the sky, through some rippled clouds. 1972, From the book , by Richard Scorer 1970 – Photo of a stop sign with a persistent and spreading contrail. I’m not sure of the source or accuracy of the date.Regarding the picture of a DC7 in front of a Swissair DC8 on an european airport and why it might have been there, I can contribute the following: In July of 1964 I flew on a Pacific Western DC7c from Frankfurt to Toronto via Shannon and Gander and returned to Frankfurt in August of 1964 on a DC6B.The flights were chartered by AFS (American Field Service), an international student exchange organization headquartered in New York, to transport exchange students between the US and Europe.If you have not received a response by Mar 15th, then please resend.The organizers are pleased to advise we have reached 100 confirmed attendees.

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