Updating list items in sharepoint finding a persons dating history

If you want to set other values to “empty” or “null”, you may need to experiment to see what works. Even if the AJAX request is successful (Status=”success”), there may be useful (or totally indecipherable) error information in the response.

Just storing the text value means that you lose the connection to the original item in the reference list, and just storing the ID for the item would mean that you’d need expensive calls to the database every time you wanted to display the value.Hi All, Have recently come across an issue where I needed to use Powershell to update a particular field on a heap of documents in a document library.I had created myself a mapping file containing the Name field (uniqe in a document library) and information for the field I wanted to change. Only, the field turned out to be a Lookup field, and its not as easy as other types of fields to update.For the sake of this example I’ve added a single value lookup field called Location to a This would be identical with the previous version of batch update without the name part, even if the name part is not matching the real value of the remote field.This behavior of the lookup and user fields is very nice, as if it required the name part as well would mean we should do an extra lookup in the remote list for the value of the referenced field.

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