Updating ipod without losing music

I loved the project but hated all the messy wires everywhere.I have also supplied demo code (both the original code and many of my modifications), and clickable AVR initializer and code uploader utilities to get the code onto the board quickly and easily for those that aren't comfortable with dos-prompt based utilities like AVRDude.

This instructable has mutated over the past few months, and you'll see a bunch of end results before we get into how to make the cube, and the improvements that have been made over the original construction techniques and original circuit, as well as improvements made on the PC Boards over time.I myself was so taken with the original project, that if I didn't have the knowledge or skill or resources to design a PCB, or wire up the circuit myself, I would have gladly bought a board if they were available. I was immediately enthralled with the LED Cube instructable by CHR .Unfortunately, none were in the by CHR when I had first seen it. I am going to give a piece of advice I saw there that made a lot of sense. Often there is information and answers to questions that may answer a question you might have.This has been fixed by reducing the firework sparkles from 60 to 40.The new 5 music mode HEX file does not have this problem now when running in animation mode.

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