Updating game data lotro

File permissions or patching related issues: The games need to be run on a non-corrupted full admin user account on the system; in the case of Vista/Win7 it needs to be run under UAC ( Windows XP users usually get this error if they are not using a profile with Administrator privileges, or one that has incorrect/misconfigured permissions (Malware is one corruption cause, often it "attacks" user permissions to make itself harder to remove from the system).The game requires that the user logged into Windows has full administrator privileges to be able to write to the game data when the game needs to such as patching or installing/reinstalling.Additional Notes: Please keep in mind that these are requirements we feel should allow you to run the game reliably at low to moderate settings.If you wish to experience the game at the highest settings, additional system memory and higher end graphics cards should be considered.Why is Direct X 9.0c required when I have Direct X 10 or 11, or I already have 9 installed?The game requires specific files relating to Direct X 9.0c that may not be included with later versions of Direct X, as each is a separate installation and has separate files.

If either of these options are being performed on the game files (Turbine Invoker, Turbine Launcher or dndclient/lotroclient) disable them (see steps further down).

Once you have logged off of your current Windows username, log into the newly created one to test.

If you no longer receive the 201 error, most likely permissions issues on your previous account were not allowing the game to access or modify its files.

If you open the folder the game installed into (The DDO or LOTRO folder found in C:\Program Files\Turbine or C:\Program Files (x86)\Turbine) you should see roughly the same as these images below.

With the exception of the 'client_highres.dat' (and client_highres_aux_1for LOTRO) if any of the other files are missing this can cause the 201 error.

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