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The British contingent in Barcelona were last night try- ing to put their disappoint- ment behind them on the eve- of the athletics events. This is why so many more potential patients are demanding to see registered practitioners.” Such practitioners should have a certificate to show they are a current member of the register. Inside the plastic feel is unavoidable, seals are less than luxurious and rear pas- sengers might dread a long journey.- Even so. Within 24 hours of the reduc- tions being made, the Yugo Reading dealership in Berk- shire had sold 1 30 vehicles.

However, tiie results were, not given to the British Olympic Associ- ation until Tuesday. “Many doc- tors’ notes are stuffed with details from third parties — from the wife about her hus- band's drinking habits, for example — which under no circumstances should be revealed.” The Institute for Comple- mentary Medicine says its members are bound by a rigid code of ethics which indudes confidentiality. an ICM spokesman, says: “If anyone on our British Register of Complementary Practitioners revealed details about a patient, there would be an enquiry and they could be struck off our register. Fuel economy is not bad at 35mph and insur- ance is cheap — the car is ranked in band four. but the Tempo L has been cur by £1.640 to £2.749, all of which has helped simple econ- omics overtake snobbery. FSH, £23.000 Peler ■ — • Ludfcrd firs 0223 872189 Bl - W REGISTRATION NUMBERS MEW CMS SA VE THOUSANDS ON A BRAND NEW VAEB JUST A SMALL SELECTt ON F7JC8I BRAND NEW CASt S- PLEASE CALL US FOR A Pf OCE ON THE MAKE t MODEL OF roan choke FERRARI MONDIAL QV. Living- ston now faces a mandatory four-year ban and he must appear before tiie disciplinary committee of the British Atfw letic Federation. lid 1932 Cure that could kill DONALD Lam- bert is pan of foe successful ven- ture capital team at Midland Montagu, one of foe largest inves- tors in Britain’s ailing economy. Mr Lambert would have been half asleep, sedated by foe anti-hista- mines he took to control his severe hay fever. unleaded or four-star turbo interior giving it leather trim seats and door panels, which as an option would be worth £481. Tony Lester replaced Ron Roddan as Livingston’s coach last January. The new generation of anti- histamines has spared Mr Lambert, and tens of thou- sands of other sufferers, from living a dormouse existence in the pollen season. BMW Connections: 0 CLASSIC CARS TOYOTA Supra Turbo Auto. You should also look through your pfle of brochures before venturing into the showroom and making your decision on a new car. Britons expelled, page 1 I ratting article, page 13 Davhl Miller, page 32 Livingston profile, page 32 Baby Ben made shamed Johnson his hero By Ray Clancy JASON Uvingston idolised Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson and dreamed of winning gold but without the help of drugs. Later research showed thai fertility as well as libido was affected by foe seasons. The new Corrado VR6 has the 2.9-litre 190 bhp V6 engine from the all-new Golf VR6. Livingston, known to family and friends as “Baby Ben", adorned his bedroom wall with photographs of Johnson who was stripped of nis 100 metres gold medal at the Seoul Olym- pics after testing positive for drags. The magazine General Practitio- ner reports on recent research from Duke University, North Carolina, which confirms the earlier studies which showed that in the height of the summer most men’s sperm counts are lower, and that they produce more malformed sperm. The car now has a top speed of 146mph and reaches GOmph in seven seconds. £5 protection FOR £5, Citroen dealers are offering number etching on the windows of any make of car.

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