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The teacher can choose to be a participant in the speed-chat, to move around and join into various conversations, or to sit right back and observe.The aim of the activity is not for learners to produce perfect English, but to communicate their ideas without planning and preparation.We all have (God-given) talents we may not have discovered yet - NOW is the time !Finding it hard to communicate,feeling isolated and alone, feeling like you don't really have any friends.We have also noticed a gradual easing of concern that many learners exhibit about making errors in front of teachers and peers.Over a 15 week term, students can increase their speaking time by two or three times.

Recently, a colleague and I have been trying out an activity called speed-chat.Therefore, while the teacher may listen out for common grammatical errors or misused vocabulary, they should be addressed at a different time. We have used speed-chat in our undergraduate English communication classes, and our learners really seem to look forward to these weekly sessions.As teachers, we have observed learners rework aspects of their talk as they engage with more interlocutors.For advanced learners, problems can be posed to elicit advice, or opinions can be presented for debate.For learners who are hesitant to speak, particularly when they might be overheard by others, playing English background music might help to create a more relaxed atmosphere, and to give students the feeling that they are not being listened in on.

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