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I feel instant attraction to them even before discovering that they are Sagittarians ?I've met them all online (so emotional/intellectual connection comes first).and get this; on how it ended he just stopped calling. You won't ever regret you may hurt if he leaves or you leave him, but you will always remember that sag male.he dodged my calls and all..sends me an email 3 years later seeing how I was doing, I was nice to him, but in my head I wanted to say jump off a bridge lololol..)I'm an Aquarius female my man is a Sagittarius. And he will never forget you that I can promise you ladies.I'm really mad about this girl and I want to make sure I don't screw up. I am an Aquarius woman and I have had a crush on a particular Sagittarius man for about 12 years (although I have obviously dated a number of people in between).It hasn't ended up in a relationship but it has come close quite a few times. The sad thing is we are both in unfulfilling marriages with children and live in different countries.

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I also have a Sagittarius man guide and Aquarius woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship.

We do have great communication and that is something I appreciate the most.....

If we don't talk everyday which we do just for a few seconds to hear each others voice, we always text......

I'm an Aquarius woman who is in love with a Sagittarius man we had the best relationship ever but I was in school and spent most of my time in books and when we were together the sex was magical but he partied a lot without me and slept around so when I found out he had a baby by some other girl I left him and dated an other Sagittarius man and the same thing happened we are still friends and chat with each other everyday but one thing I still love my first Sagittarius man and he loves me to cause after the break up he told me he has never stooped thinking about me and we gave it another try and we do our own thing people say the we are not together cause we are always with friends but when we are alone we understand each other the sex (OMG) oh my God the sex is great! I tell you and there is no jealousy but he is protective freedom is great and that's what we love I'm a Sagittarian guy and I've known this Aquarian woman since 9th grade, and I've been drawn to her ever since, it's like when we're together there is nothing else in existence, we of ten lose contact with each other, but every time we re-unite it's a perfect unity. We had such a deep understanding of one another, we seldom fought. My life has been the greatest since we've been dating!

When we did though, the fights were as passionate as our love making, however we always managed to compromise putting each other's feelings in mind. I am an Aquarius woman and have recently begun seeing a Sagittarius male..that first night I felt like I'd known him forever...instant spark..was mind-boggling, and its even crazier that others wit our signs say they feel the same...

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