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Suitors grapple to stand out from the crowd all hoping for a moment of intimate connection, romance and, perhaps, true love.

The reality show will include 13 charming and gorgeous suitors, all housed together, who compete to win the heart of one of the nation’s most eligible gay bachelor.

PHOTOS: Kim Goodman Gives the Odds on Which Fall Shows Will Survive The premise of the series is boilerplate: Four wealthy, foreign men have come to America to live in a house together and date American women, all while pretending that the shabby house and low-paying jobs are who they really are.

The men say that they want to be judged on their personalities ( Lord Robert Walters muses) and not their money and power, so have to leave the classist home countries in order to find, they believe, true love.

"So for the girls that were chosen it was like a fairytale dream for them.

") But also, they did agree to be on a dating show.

Prince Harry lookalike Matt Hicks "As soon as I met him, I immediately knew that he was the right guy for the show," said producer Danny Denton.

"We were very nervous before Matt went into the house because at that point some news could come out about the real Harry which would scupper the show.

"Cisco" (his nickname and American alias) ends the first episode of the series having gone on a workout date with a fearsome boot camp instructor named Madeline who he met while speed-dating (one of the men's first forays into meeting Atlanta women).

Cisco is not shy and has no problem discussing in detail to Madeline and the cameras his physical attraction to her.

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