The driver needs updating to supported shared irq lines define cougar dating

Hello, I got a verdex, a netwifimicrosd and a robostix, all boards are properlyconnected.

the driver needs updating to supported shared irq lines-78the driver needs updating to supported shared irq lines-74

I tried to not activate pcmcia, and activate hermes module orinoco orinoco_wlan_blackfin.c. But this module is 802.11b only and I need to change it for a 802.11G module.

Oris the "no response from remote device check" too fast for me to detect onthe oscilloscope? The SCL and SDA would change, but it would be pretty quick (7 bits @100 k Hz on SCL and a couple transitions on SDA).

I'd recommend doing asingle shot trigger on SCL, with your timebase set so that your scopeimage is about 100 microseconds wide (about 10 microseconds perdivison?

This card is a prism based, so normally it should work if I successfully configure the driver. id=blackfin_802.11_wlan_-_orinoco_based_driver with attention, but there are some things I don't understand : First, as the card is directly connected on the 537, and directly accessible on the async bus, does I need to activate the pcmcia support in Bus Option / PCCARD (pcmcia/carbus support), or it's not necessary ? I go in Device drivers / Network device support / Wireless Lan (non hamradio)I validate hermes chipset support, and Blackfin WLAN card support. Thank you very much, Regards, Translate Quote Reply Edit Delete 2007-08-06 Re: wifi prism cf card kernel configuration for BF537Michael Hennerich (GERMANY)Message: 42567 Cyril, two options either use the PCMCIA driver and select the hermes/prism CS Card Service driver or use the Blackfin workaround PCMCIA driver - not sure if we still maintain this option.

Some options appears, to configure adresses and irq. For your IRQ question - have a look at include/asm-blackfin/mach-bf537/irg.h you will find numbers matching your Port Pin Name.

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