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Like with job hunting, the search for a mate has become far less personal in the transition to the digital age.Just like you no longer hear stories about your friends walking in to a Barnes & Noble and getting a job, you don’t hear of as many romances starting this way.

)The next day she is full excited for the festival and wonders if she should wear yukata (traditional wear) for it and thanks to Touma and help from Chiaki’s friend she buys a pretty yukata.

The number of applicants for our vacancies is much larger nowadays.

It’s on us to actually evaluate the applicants rather than sifting (read: swiping left) through them looking for reasons to toss their resumes for a typo or a pic with an ex.

When she is on her way to go home she sees Kaede (ex-girlfriend of Chiaki) in a cafe giving some cash to an unknown man.

Kaede and Misaki have a talk and Kaede says that she was paying up the money of her debt to her friend.

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