Svn resource out of date try updating silkroad not updating

The default is the basename of the archive, with suffixes removed. Options: Prepare a new changeset with the effect of REV undone in the current working directory.

If no conflicts were encountered, it will be committed immediately.

Without the -a/--text option, annotate will avoid processing files it detects as binary.

With -a, annotate will annotate the file anyway, although the results will probably be neither useful nor desirable. Options: By default, the revision used is the parent of the working directory; use -r/--rev to specify a different revision.

If you supply a command, it will be used for automatic bisection.

The environment variable HG_NODE will contain the ID of the changeset being tested.

A plain With no argument, show the current branch name. As with add, these changes take effect at the next commit.Use the -s/--similarity option to detect renamed files.If REV is the parent of the working directory, then this new changeset is committed automatically (unless --no-commit is specified).By default, the pending changeset will have one parent, maintaining a linear history.

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