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But the reality is I am lucky enough to write for a magazine that still exists in print and is sent to the printer on Friday night. Besides, these days, you -- yes, you -- had likely already seen most of the spots and formed your conclusions before the game started. So many marketers were thinking beyond the game this year that Shazam should have been awarded the MVP award. I say enough with the previews and the teaser spots.

Perhaps you decided Honda's "Matthew's Day Off" was a work of genius last Tuesday afternoon. The practice robs the average consumers -- and marketers -- of the element of surprise.

You can yell at me for that later -- and also tell me I was wrong and that releasing so many ads before the game didn't make one bit of difference to marketers or consumers. Last year's multidimensional, intergalactic space epic for the Optima left me feeling cold. But instead of sock monkeys and other stuffed critters, this year's ad is chock-full of celebrities—well, celebrities to straight men of a certain age.

And the ending is a nice twist on your typical testosterone-laden football ad, bringing us from kick-ass to "Awwww, you guys! The first response to this commercial, in which a second head is singing that he wants this particular car, will be this: WTF? Stunt Anthem shows the Sonic performing outrageous stunts including bungee jumping, skydiving, kickflipping and making a music video with OK Go.

I'm not going to say that this is "Phantom Menace"—it's not. Forgot to tell you." Creative 1: "Well, we'd better think of something quick." Audi is another auto brand lucky enough to have visually striking cars.

But it's certainly no "Empire Strikes Back." There's actually a perfectly fine Super Bowl ad in this spot, one about a chubby dog, past his prime, inspired by a Beetle to get in shape and regain his former glory. You can recognize those headlights almost immediately.

And anxious Americans are caught between hating greedy corporations and hoping those greedy corporations bring back some of those manufacturing jobs we've been told have shipped out for China never to return. Definitely not the flashiest ad of the night, but considering the economy, GE might want to brace for a massive pile of applications to land at its Lexington factory.

Well, according to GE, refrigerators are being built right here in the good ol' U. It's not often you see a cable network's promo during a Super Bowl broadcast, but History Channel is on a roll with the male demographic and wants to get even more of those eyeballs for its Feb.

—and promises things will get better, that —gosh darnit—Americans always pull through, and Budweiser's always been there to help. A cute little French bulldog takes to the Greyhound track and tears up the competition thanks to his little Skechers.

It burns off a lot of excitement well before the game.

I could go on, but I'm here to review old-fashioned TV spots based on things such as intent, humor, salesmanship, good taste and whatever mood I happened to be in at the time. and David & Goliath get back to the formula of charming content with a great soundtrack.

Ad Age has been told before that reviewing Super Bowl spots before the game is folly.

Without the context of the game itself—the excitement, the noise, the taco dip -- the reviewer is missing the big picture. Watching the spots at a computer is not the same as watching during the game, surrounded by family, friends and copious amounts of beer. Or was it part of a much larger campaign with roots in the game, spreading out into the web and social media, forward and backward in time?

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