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Kerry Leaves Public Life The Way He Came In Turning Against an Ally By December 29, 2016 It looks like Secretary of State Kerry is determined to go out the way he came in wrapping himself in the flag while betraying the causes of both America and its allies.

He came in by doing that to Vietnam and is going out by turning on Israel. How Jews Gained Okay For Close Settlement Of Judea and Samaria By December 28, 2016 President Obamas passive aggression toward Israel has been evident ever since his Cairo speech five months after his accession to the presidency.

Precedent for this goes all the way back at least to Cyrus the Great, the Persian king who 2,600 years ago…

By March 30, 2017 With all the tumult in Europe and the Middle East and here at home, where will the next earth-shaking surprise erupt? I dont mean an outright attack by Communist North Korea, even if its dictator, Kim Jong-un, has been perfecting his…

Withdrawal From the UN Gains Logic as a Reform In the Era of Trump By March 23, 2017 Liberals shrieked last week when President Trump proposed cutting American funding for the United Nations by 50 percent. Trumps Foreign Policy, With the Press Distracted, Is Starting To Cohere By March 21, 2017 Though it is hard to believe some days, the political atmosphere in Washington is slowly settling down. Supreme Court of Britain Insists That Brexit Vote Goes Through Parliament By January 24, 2017 Americans tired of presidential end runs around Congress will sympathize with the Supreme Court ruling out of London that Her Majestys Government cannot act alone but must pass legislation in Parliament before triggering Brexit negotiations to leave…

It is now five weeks since the election, and we have watched an…

Bitterness of Liberals Begets a Campaign To Foil Trump Voters By December 15, 2016 The Electoral College is due to meet Monday, when the electors chosen on November 8 will establish Donald Trump as the winner. How Trump Could Make Quick Move to Jerusalem For U.

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