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I won't go into every detail bit by bit, because the documentary is extensive and very intricate in details.

It talks about the drama Way faced on his path to success such as when he was robbed by former band members and his feud with West Coast rapper Ice-T. Damato states in the documentary that he still has yet to have a heart to heart conversation with the man himself, but he still respects him and what he does.

Check out the Urban Dictionary on line for the meaning behind the "lyrics".

The Soulja Boy phenomenon coincides with a period in my life I'd rather not talk about, but for the sake of this review I will try and go into detail and explain why it wasn't the brightest time in my life. I loved Soulja Boy, his music, his dance, everything. It's that awkward period of time where looks begin to matter, clothes matter, your social status becomes more visible, and people are scrambling to try and find out where they belong.

I play guitar,piano and saxophone and feel very strongly about music and this excuse for a song makes me want to kill myself. I think deep down inside he knew this was going to be a smash.

It is a sad day when this terrible excuse for music tops the charts.

Faithful readers are more than aware of how I view myself today. Get the tea on Drizzy and British singer Jorja Smith, how Soulja Boy avoided jail time and peep videos of Chief Keef getting arrested in Miami inside… Word on the curb is that Drake is getting cozy with British singer Jorja Smith after collaborating on his “It’s no surprise he’s fallen for Jorja, she absolutely gorgeous and an amazing singer. He brought her on stage at his UK gigs and Instagramming about her a lot. Soulja Boy is thanking his lucky stars after getting off on those deadly weapons charges he copped back in December.So when Jorja started confessing to friends there was a romance brewing, it didn’t come completely out the blue.” Jorja is featured on two tracks on the More Life album, including “Get It Together” and “Jorja Interlude.” Mmhmm… The “Crank That” rapper pleaded “no contest” to felony gun charges after law enforcement raided his home and reportedly found a mini Draco AR-15 and another gun that was said to have been stolen from a cop’s car.Soulja Boy: The Movie chronicles the rapper's life from humble beginnings to a full blown success story that seems almost too unreal to be real. It was only a matter of time before his self made instrumentals and songs took off and he was signed to a major label. Collipark at Interscope Records and was on his way to fame. More music, more dances, and inevitably more drama. Youtube was flooded with videos of people "cranking that," and dancing to other famous anthems such as "Yahhh!After the unprecedented success of his first single "Crank That (Soulja Boy)," his debut album off of a major record label,, was released and later went Platinum. ," about when you want people to "get out yo face" and "Soulja Girl," about Soulja Boy looking for his significant other.

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