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This loser IS aware that anyone can click on this link and see a picture of his married, thin woman-hunting self, right?

And just in case he takes it down, I saved his picture.

Christmas week cannot come soon enough for me to hop my flight to Texas to spend a week having my sister (Tina Fey) cook for me and shop with me. As reader M wrote, “All over Pittsburgh, people will be adding “elbow gloves” to our Christmas lists.” Boys, Sonni Abatta and The Cleavage and The Hips and The Bare Back and The Come Hither Eyes. (h/t also to Bill and Dan and Fender who called the video “a lap dance for your eyeballs.” HAH! An email from Emily at the City Paper re: their Best of Pittsburgh issue coming out next week: Wow!

Carbolic Smoke Ball Blog should win it if just for this article alone.

You should watch it so that you can see Jeff Reed in all of his ridiculous glory.

WPXI has a great video of the Steelers fashion show. You’ll also see Daniel Sepulveda do a little dance that isn’t too unlike something the Chippendales would do.

(Illustrated with a picture of me from Once Upon a Time, because we all like to fondly recall the days when we showered.) Here we go!

“But it wasn’t until she saw decapitated bodies in the street that Dana realised she herself had to escape.

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From a few days ago: Rescue crews freed a woman trapped under a sport utility vehicle in Brookline late Monday morning. Also, why don’t you adopt a bone for, say, your nephew who is turning six this week, just so you can have the wonderful experience of seeing him light up as he opens the envelope …

Leaving in the middle of the night, she walked for 10 hours with her two young children, carrying Salam, who was two by this point, most of the way.

“His legs are too little to walk so far,” she explained.

You should be allowed to citizen-arrest any person that feeds pigeons. He should be covered in pigeon feed and hung from a flag pole. I don’t need to remind you that when the two hottest chicks in all of newsdom email you a link or some info, you post it! Plus, I’m hoping that Wendy is eventually going to email me the video of her on The Dating Game. My sister had a penchant for naming her dogs after the places she acquired them: Tyler, Mesquite, The Kennel on 155.

Unfortunately, he’s not featured in the online video, so you’ll have to imagine him smiling in your head … (h/t Guardie, Jim Lo, and someone else whose email I deleted) 3. Wendy Bell emailed me a link to this which she tells me her “super cool sis” sent her. If I saw David Conrad in THIS little stretchy terry number on the right: I’d divorce his ass. Sonni Abatta emailed me to tell me that the dude that plays the news director on Back to You is a CMU grad. The PG wants to know if you know any babies named for a place?

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