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Instead we can combine the code for the previous bookmarklet with the supported code to refresh data on a form.

This will refresh the data on the form without reloading the form itself, preserving the navigation information and is quicker than having the whole page reload.

Another task made a little more difficult in CRM 2013 is when testing some SDK code or similar that has made some change to data on a record and you want to see the changes.

In CRM 2011 you could just hit refresh however in CRM 2013 this can mess up the trail of iframes, breaking the back functionality.

In CRM 2013 the new navigation bar has been a controversial feature, however when it becomes truly annoying is when using it with a sitemap layout that has not been optimised with it, which is common when upgrading CRM 2011 systems – I have seen one that took 15 clicks of the right arrow to get through all the items in the settings area.

The latter event is to modify the text displayed by the Site Map Path control. Menu Item Data Bound = new Menu Event Handler(Navigation Menu_Menu Item Data Bound); Site Map.

This means there could be many frames on the page, to find the correct one we find the frame that it currently visible before using the get Id method to grab the record ID.

We also perform a slice on the ID to get rid of the curly braces.

Points of Interest The hover menu appears to not working on mobile devices. In the code behind, hide the Menu control and show the Tree View control if requesting browser is a mobile device. Listing 9 protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) When I tested the menu on IE 8, the hover menu did not render correctly.

To remedy this problem, I include a Tree View control and set its visible property to false. To overcome this problem, I set the Dynamic Menu Style z-index to 200, see Listing 10 protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) New Update I have received several complaints from the reader concerning the menu control not displaying correctly on Safari and Google Chrome browsers.

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