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The ban remains in effect pending that appeal."Pam Bondi and (Gov.) Rick Scott have said we should wait for the Supreme Court to act.And they've just acted, so that argument is now bankrupt," said Stratton Pollitzer, deputy director of Equality Florida. "With these (30 states recognizing gay marriage), that now leaves Florida in the shameful position of being among the last states in the country to get it right on the civil rights issue of the day."Indiana: Weddings could begin later Monday in Indianapolis and other communities.

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Stephen Kirby takes a photo of his family holding visitor tickets as the Supreme Court begins its new term Oct 6 in Washington.

Hall argued that the Utah ruling would apply to Colorado's similar ban and began issuing licenses until she was ordered to stop by the Colorado Supreme Court in late July.

Colorado's attorney general said county clerks throughout the state should start issuing licenses to same-sex couples Monday, but Hall wanted the stay against her office lifted.

Here are reactions from across the USA: Alabama: The state's 1998 Protection of Marriage Act and 2006 Sanctity of Marriage Amendment outlaws the recognition of same-sex marriages performed in other states.

The Southern Poverty Law Center filed a challenge to the laws in February on behalf of Paul Hard, who wants to be recognized as the survivor of Charles David Fancher.

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