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So we avert our eyes, zip our lips, and keep to ourselves.However, we also know that other people are our greatest source of happiness, so there’s a huge potential gain to be realized by pushing beyond our comfort zones and taking that social risk.We tend to think that close others—friends, romantic partners, and family members—are our biggest sources of connection, laughter, and warmth. “Personality and Affective Forecasting: Trait Introverts Underpredict the Hedonic Benefits of Acting Extraverted.” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 104, no. Some of us can't talk to strangers because there's something about us that just seems to attract weirdos and annoying people who don't know when to stop.While that may well be true, researchers have also recently found that interacting with “weak ties”—people that we know very well—actually brings a boost in mood and feelings of belonging that we didn't expect. I've met a few other people who tell me the same thing.

This mechanism means that despite its cartoon livery of ginger cats, Meow Chat combines some of more Wild West elements of socializing online – its chat rooms are chaotic, full of belligerent and friendly users in pretty much equal measure, and the one-on-one chats are as unpredictable as that stalwart of the genre: Chat Roulette.It's true that we live in a golden age for flirting with strangers.Just when you’re getting sick and tired of hearing about the likes of Tinder and Grindr a new app blows in, offering the same cruising-for-compliments excitement with an added dash of cartoon cats: meet Meow Chat.Picture it: You’re alone in a coffee shop, mindlessly scanning the newspaper.Or you’re on a flight, wishing away the countless hours between you and your destination.

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