Sedating kids on planes

NEVER DRUGED my children for travel to 'make things easier' and never will.You could actually be pleasantly surprised at how well your child goes.DS has flown a lot domestically and we've never had more than the odd tired/bored whinge.We just keep him entertained with books/colouring/DVDs and lots of snacks (if you have a portable DVD player take it).He was overtired to the point of hysterics and we were on the way home.He had a cold and was teething - 4 eye teeth at one time. (which is actually what we used)So yes - if circumstances are at that point I will use it.We travel a lot of long haul and we use Brauer's Calm (a homeopathic remedy) if necessary.Personally, I wouldn't use Phenergan and don't think you will be getting a positive response here.

The only time we have ever used it was to help when the children had chicken pox.

I took new toys and lots of snacks for her to have while on the flight. The toys/item she liked the most was a small photo album of family photos. I did take baby panadol just incase her ears hurt as she had a cold. I am another one who does not like using any drugs on my children if i can help it.

I flew BY MYSELF to the UK with a 3 month old and a 4 yo (23 hours on a plane). Bit restless, but nothing to worry about and the 4yo did not once leave her seat (and she was a TERROR at that age).

I have also used it on child number 1 to make him sleep (not on a plane) when he was getting his 2 year old molars. My GP actually worked out the dosage for them before we went.

I gave it to one of my daughters adopted from China, about an hour before we boarded a flight from Shaghai to Bangkok.

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