Runes of magic problems updating

Once the Guild name has been correctly entered (ie.

you receive no error messages) you will see a dialogue box informing you that you are now petitioning to form a Guild, as well as your Guild name under your character's name.

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When I first created this page, there was no other information available on Guild creation. *If you found this at all helpful, please leave a message on the talk page.

Not too long ago, I wanted to see if I could get more points from refining the materials even higher, so I took some extra Maple Timber I had, and made one Maple Lumber; I was disapointed to find that the refined Lumber wasn't as promising as the Timber had been.If you get a message about syntax errors, this means someone else has used your desired Guild name.It might save you time if you check the existing Guilds on your server; this can be done by clicking on the "Guild Bulletin Boards" hanging on the wall in the Guild hall.No, you are petitioning to form your Guild; that was the easy part - or the hard part, depending on your situation really.If you are doing this solo, it probably took some time to get the gold saved up; if you pooled gold with other players, you will probably have an easy time with the rest.

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