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With the introduction of an ultra-advanced AI that surpasses human intelligence beings that mankind is yet to fully comprehend made from materials far too advanced for human technology begin coming into being.

Lacia an h IE equipped with a black coffin-shaped device is one of these.

Sensitive study of a headstrong high school football star who dreams of getting out of his small Western Pennsylvania steel town with a football scholarship. When Meredith the most popular girl sees this she automatically knows they are trouble.

Davey Stone a 33-year old party animal finds himself in trouble with the law after his wild ways go too far.

In keeping with the holiday spirit the judge gives Davey one last chance at redemption-spend the holiday performing community service as the assistant referee...

But what really needs to be considered when exploring a solution?

My Kitchen Rules is an Australian reality television cooking competition that first aired on the Seven Network in 2010.

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