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According to the Statistics Department's data, the Vilnius district is the most populous in Lithuania, with over 848,000 inhabitants.Women …Their are various: passionate and cold, sensitive and quiet, forceful and humble, cruel and gentle, strong and fragile, the loser and the winner…They are all different and unpredictable as their destinies…Not many took it even though it was paid 100 percent by the government, because of the reproaches of society.Both the workers and employers found this new idea strange," she said.And I don’t want to lie, lithuanian girls are not only beautiful, they are two a penny and rather cheap.How do You think, how much does lithuania girl costs?The Statistics Department released numbers indicating that despite similar birth rates, women outnumber men in Vilnius in all adult age groups. Deputy Director General of Social Statistics Dalia Ambrozaitiene attributed the difference to dangerous behavior among young men.

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VILNIUS - High suicide rates, alcoholism and emigration have led to females outnumbering men by more than 20 percent in Vilnius, according to the most recent government statistics.

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There are tourists from Italy, Turkey and ather South countries in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania in every summer. Those men come to Lithuania, becouse lithuanian girls are beautiful.

Multiple organ failure is a more noticeable, but less dramatic demise that is killing alcoholics.

Statistics show that between 40 and 50 years old, most alcoholics perish due to organ damage.

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