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Cadets are now 10 years older than their 1950s or 1960s counterparts; and decade after decade, the ratio of college and university-educated future Mounties keeps increasing.The higher maturity level of trainees requires fewer disciplinary actions and enables the instructors to focus on the very demanding requirements of modern police work.The museum contained many artifacts relating to the colourful history and traditions of the RCMP.The museum permanently closed in October 2006 and the collection moved to the RCMP Heritage Centre.Two more stained glass memorial windows on each side wall near the front were dedicated on November 4, 1951.The Resurrection in the west window honours serving members and The Nativity in the east window honours ex-members of the force who died in the Second World War.It delivers updated and highly specialized training to experienced RCMP officers and to members of other forces from around the world who want to improve their knowledge.Many Canadian municipal and provincial police forces hire police officers who graduated from the RCMP Academy.

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At that time, due to extensive hiring and construction at the academy, Depot could not handle the overwhelming number of candidates.

Therefore, the RCMP established the additional and temporary training facility in CFB Penhold, near Red Deer, AB.

In addition to training new RCMP regular members, Depot has also been a major continuing-education centre for police in Canada, but is currently tasked primarily with the training of new members and other training is conducted elsewhere.

The chapel is one of the oldest Anglican houses of worship in western Canada. Established in 1933, the RCMP Museum operated in a number of facilities for its first sixty years.

The museum was officially opened on its present site in 1973 by Her Majesty Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, in honour of the RCMP's centennial.

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