Ray j and whitney dating

Stacy brings it up, saying she was shocked when she saw Ray J in the house. I have questions for you." "I have questions for you I just wanna ask you." Ray J said: "The last time I see you you came to my house. And that's why we're here at this time together." Taking a drag on his cigarette, Ray J said: "It's something that nobody can explain in this life. In scenes shown on Wednesday night's show, Stacy, 47, spoke openly about the violent run-in between her and the Bodyguard star just days before her death.

Despite claims on both sides that they are "close family friends", it seems their connection has cooled since Whitney's dramatic 2012 death. v=DAj QJO2_XEo] Stacy says: "When I walked in I was like 'oh my God'. Stacy smiled: "Yeah I was at your house a bunch of times. Unable to share her feelings with anyone after being 'edited out' as the show's first task, Stacy goes to talk to Big Brother in the diary room.

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He said: "Stacy and I we had a conversation about what happened with Whitney Houston before she passed.

"I never talk about it but it was something I felt she wanted to talk about and it was the right time so we talked briefly about it and I told them how I felt, how I blame myself on a lot of stuff.

"I just had to talk about it for a minute and then I just got up off it it as I don't like to get emotional, I'm not an emotional kind of person.

At one point they briefly speak about the fall out from the ugly altercation between Whitney Houston and Stacy just two days before her death. Stacy previously revealed that he didn't stand up for her and vouch for her, instead letting Whitney's sister-in-law Pat Houston go on Oprah and brand her a "stalker" on national TV.

The nightclub row - reportedly triggered by the sight of Ray J speaking to the X Factor singer - left Whitney covered in blood. All my fault." Stacy soothed: "No it's not." Ray J replied: "It was just was my fault. Yesterday Stacy denied that she was the I Will Always Love You star's stalker, and slammed housemate Ray J for how he treated her in the aftermath of the music legend's death.

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