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Dhani dated love of his life Solveig ' Sola' Karadottir for several years as his girlfriend.

After having romantic love affairs for several years, they got married in 2012. They are happy to be each other's loving husband and wife.

The money from the tickets was dedicated to the Material World Charitable Foundation.

English singer and songwriter, Dhani Harrison is the popular name in the rock music and he is the founder and the creator of an alternative rock band, Thenewno2.

A lost song written by George Harrison has been found inside an old piano bench.

Olivia Harrison, widow of The Beatles guitarist, found the lyrics for ‘Hey Ringo’ in a folder of notes stored inside the seat in the couple’s Oxfordshire home. “There was a folder in George’s piano bench and inside I found a typed lyric for Hey, Ringo.

Olivia Trinidad Arias was born on May 18, 1948 in Mexico City. It was then when Harrison invited her to join him on his American tour, where they officially started their relationship.It think it dates from around 1970,” Olivia Harrison said. The book will also feature family photographs, other handwritten lyrics and unpublished interview transcripts.She also said she believed he had recorded music for the track on a home cassette. Speaking about finding material for the book, Olivia Harrison said: “When George was writing he would leave notebooks in a desk drawer, or a cupboard or a kitchen drawer. He would put a notebook down and never pick it up again so a song might be forgotten.It was also on this occasion when she and George tried to adopt a child, but were stopped by the Romanian government.After this, she got the support of the other Beatles' wives: Linda Mc Cartney, Barbara Bach and Yoko Ono, together with Elton John and the British public, to create The Romanian Angel Appeal.

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