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What you don’t pay for: monthly fees, parking, fuel or maintenance.

Zippy and easy to park - The smart fortwo can fit in almost any parking spot and can maneuver around even the craziest downtown rush hour traffic jams.

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we would love to give you a brief intro of our security settings, generally spammers are the biggest headache, they create interruption, so we have spamproof settings with our chatting rooms, it gives best user experience. admins have power to kick, ban a particular user who violate our terms, conditions. Never disclose your own real identity in order to secure your privacy. Do not share your pics with any stranger, because it may lead of mis use. Sharing of details, pics, skype is not recommended by us.

Appointments are currently required to apply for an IDNYC card at all Enrollment Centers.

You will need to bring documents to prove your identity and that you live in New York City.

anybody wishing to be an admin, he or she can directly talk with exising admins.

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