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The track leaked a few hours prior to the premiere. No No No..." was written by Girls Aloud and Xenomania, and is an electropunk song that incorporates a sample of Nazareth's 1975 song "Hair of the Dog", for which they received a writing credit.Composed of three songs welded together, the song avoids the verse-chorus form present in most contemporary pop music, similar to their previous single “Biology” (2005). No No No..." received generally favourable reviews from music critics, and peaked at number 5 on the UK Singles Chart, continuing the band's string of hits by becoming their fifteenth consecutive single to chart within the top ten.Still, a number of watering holes where gays enjoyed themselves without feeling isolated or judged have shut down.And gays in Goa today are reluctant to talk openly about the beaches and pubs they frequent, for fear those places would meet the same fate as hotspots like Eden and Paradise.So, on the one hand there are still wild gay beach parties that fetch nice chunks of cash for swanky pubs as well as grungy beach shacks.And on the other hand, there are locals who refuse to accept gays, even home-grown Goans, in their neighbourhood.

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Higgins took inspiration from these discussions in his songwriting, with bandmate Nicola Roberts explaining that "it's important he's up to date with where we are.The song also peaked at number 11 on the Irish Singles Chart.The accompanying music video was directed by Trudy Bellinger, and features the group singing and dancing through pins and wires in black latex catsuits and red dresses. No No No..." at Dance X, ITV1 special Saturday Night Divas and T4 on the Beach.He is a well-off business manager in a big corporate firm, earns a lot of money and loves the good life.But in spite of all this, he endures hushed-up commentary, smirks and snickering almost every day.

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