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After a major trauma of this magnitude, it can lead many folks down a dark and lonely path.

While we all have times in our life that are more than trying than others I was and still am fortunate to be surrounded by the most loving family and a network of friends.

If your period is late and have had unprotected sex recently, take a home pregnancy test.

If it comes up as negative, speak to one of our doctors would be the best option.

There are many reasons for missed or delayed period other than pregnancy.

Get your menses problem studied and treated by an experienced period problem doctor online in Malaysia.

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Why get bogged down with inconvenient registration pages when you don’t have to?

Actual cause of irregular period should be diagnosed.

Consult our doctor online today at the comfort of your own home to find out the cause of your problem The first thought that comes across your mind when you miss your period is Pregnancy.

You do not need a Sex Doctor to diagnose your condition, a General Doctor/ Practitioner (GP) can diagnose and treat your Erectile Dysfunction(ED) You can get medicine for Erectile Dysfunction(ED) on Doctor On Call online pharmacy.

You will have to undergo the process of consulting with a doctor through phone/video call and the medication will be delivered to you after the consultation.

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