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Hi, I have the same problem in may magento site existing product custom options I can't edit or add but new product I can add new custom options Note: no errors are shown they show Product has been saved please how to find the issue thanks, santha Hello, I've been trying to track down this problem and this is labeled fixed, but has a fix been released already or is it still pending until 2.3?

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I have messaged you on github with the link to my website... Regards, Sri I tried it on a test installation with Magento 1.6.

That was sort of a last minute thing i decided to add in. I guessed so that that you might be using it where custom options doesnot have prices.

The way I have been using custom options wasn't to change the price at all so it works fine for my store, but I see the problem you are explaining. How do i get the prices of the custom options added to the cart.. Thanks Sri @paul the download link: work for me atm, is there any chance you could post the code or host elsewhere?

I had to remove some Custom Options witch are colors, so i removed two of the colors and saved and closed.

Then I realized i mist one, went back to edit and just the two buttons load no options and they do nothing.

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