Lutheran dating

I wasn’t sure there was a way forward for me until I unintentionally outed myself during a conversation with a friend in 2014, and began working on accepting and loving my entire being.Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries has worked for the full inclusion of LGBTQ persons in ministry for many years.Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, in the Westbury-Meyerland area of Houston, welcomed Rev.Marvin Havard, 51, as the first openly gay pastor in the congregation’s history, in April.I moved to Houston at the beginning of April from the Dallas area, and I have really enjoyed the incredible diversity of the city, the amazing restaurants, and the thriving arts scene. I’m looking forward to exploring more of the community and finding my own place to discover what it means to be a Houstonian.

Among the more important and more common pastoral concerns of the ecumenical relations of our two communities is the marriage between Lutheran and Catholic spouses.I contacted them and was connected with an amazing mentor to counsel and advise me through the coming-out process.I am now a member of Proclaim, ELM’s professional community for Lutheran pastors and other church leaders who publicly identify as LGBTQ.When did you first come out to a congregation, and what was the reaction?I came out publicly in November of 2015 while serving in Plano, Texas.

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