Itemupdating firing 2 times

I made sure to Disable Event Firing() before creating the task item.

that can be used to distinguish if the update is because of check-in or due to other reasons.

This happens due to race condition between the two threads when updating the document / item. At the time of checking-in the document, this local copy updates the original copy (even if there are no changes), then there is another request that does check-in on the document.

SPWeb sp Web = Get SPWeb Instance(); // assuming that you have a document library by name of "My List" SPList shared Documents = web. SPEvent Receiver Definition sp Event Receiver Def = shared Documents. This is the reason why Item Updating and Item Updated are called twice (once for each step of check-in process).

More correctly, we could expand this to say any remote code which runs on the server-side and uses “app authentication” - as opposed to “user authentication” where a username/password is specified.

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