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This panel looks at the concept of being spirited away, and how anime plays with the ideas.All Ages Friday PM in Hawthorne - Comiku Girls Everyone says ‘draw from life’, but not everyone has access to life drawing classes.All Ages Friday AM in Webster - Lantis Escudo Have a favorite video you want to see or a song you want to hear? All Ages Friday PM in Expo Center - Vendor Room Hours These are the hours for the vendor room.Then come on down to the Fan-Works Theater and we'll play your requests on the fly! Please visit and see our many wonderful vendors and Artists.

All Ages Friday PM in Salon A - Sarah Sassak Know what's better than the feeling of "oh man I remember that! All Ages Friday PM in Salon C - AAC Game Show Staff The OC Challenge is a game where a group of people compete against each other to try and create original characters in a short amount of time within a given set of parameters or guidelines.All Ages Friday PM in Salon C - Sarah Rees Brennan and Seanan Mc Guire Explore the influence of older tales and beliefs in the stories of Seanan and Sarah. Here with a friend who wants to go to one panel but you another?All Ages Friday PM in Hawthorne - Recita & Sylver Ever wonder what is appropriate for a convention? We will help both the new and the veteran con goers solve these riddles and go over ways to share your love of the con!In this workshop, we start with talking about the history of fan fiction in America, and move on to legal issues, critique, and avoiding the pitfalls of bad fan fiction writing.Ages 18 Friday PM in Webster - Kay Every wonder what it's like to take a trip down to "Florida" or up the "Eiffel Tower"? Come ask the countries all about their dirty little secrets at Nations at Night!

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