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I write, "Just remember as you wade through the dating pool [his lame metaphor, by the way]: we women are not just here to be conquered as part of the game." I'm a magnet for scammers. Michelle probably would have sniffed this guy out eventually, but I'm proud that I saved her from a date. What I didn't expect was many men's tragic vulnerability when faced with a dazzling woman. I make another plea with her to give the smiley rocker a chance. And why did the subject line say "renaissance woman"? A martial-arts enthusiast admits flat out that he's not worthy of Michelle but wants to let her know that "you are gorgeous." A forty-one-year-old classical musician writes, "Not being striking in the looks department, I am someone who needs a chance to show his intellect and soul. He apologizes for the length, but "they just flow out of me." I don't mind. "I must confess that I am currently involved with someone but quite frankly am looking for a girl on the side...."As you noticed I have no photo to share but I periodically represent my company on national TV. And I realize how hard that will be when the first impression is made by pictures and written words, but I most sincerely hope you will give me the benefit of the doubt." You want to take these guys out for a milk shake. Michelle and I send them encouraging notes: "You are a bit out of my age range, so I don't think it will work out. Most of these guys are too lazy to form a complete thought. I'll be on [show you've never heard of on a minor cable network]. Michelle is too sweet, too Catholic, too loyal, too young. • If the guy refers to female anatomy anywhere in his initial correspondence (e.g., "I'm not a professional gynecologist, but, uh, I'd be happy to take a look"). Maybe when my calls to beautiful women went unreturned, it wasn't because I was hideous or the women were evil. "I'm a geek, but a cool geek because I use a Mac," he writes. I told one guy that Michelle/I hang out at the Museum of Natural History, where there are "more nannies per square inch than any other place in America," and he responded that he was laughing uncontrollably at work. In her profile, she says that she's very open and will let you know when she's upset. I edited an article a couple of years ago about a book called The Game, by Neil Strauss. When I said I wanted details of how you'd take my breath away, I meant details such as the type of flowers you'd send me, the candlelit restaurant you'd take me to, et cetera." He responds: "it all started with a dinner and a night at the club. No more setting guys up and then smacking them down. I write that I overreacted but added that I still couldn't bring myself to cheat with him. It's like giving me permission to become a linebacker for the Dolphins. So my wife and I decided to help her find a boyfriend. He said Michelle is "funny, intelligent, caring AND gorgeous." It's not always adulation, though. One writes that he wants to know more about Michelle, but adds, "I can tell from your profile that sometimes you're a handful." That's annoying. It's about a nebbishy guy who decides to become the world's greatest pickup artist, and it became exceedingly popular with a certain type of single man. I respond: "I was wondering if your first email was a neg." A "neg" is pickup patois for the mild insult. And yes, I have read the book." Thus commences a flurry of e-mails arguing whether his line qualifies as a neg. i just didn't give u details about how romantic the dinner As if he'd only thrown in a description of the tablecloth before the graphic licking it would have been okay.

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