History dating

What made someone married was not a legal contract or a ceremony with a priest, but rather the shedding of virginal blood. The legal proof of a marriage was blood on the bedspread.There are examples in the Old Testament where the bloody bedsheets were admissible in court as evidence of the marriage’s validity (Deuteronomy -20).The good news about this is that history is a lot more valuable than you might think.The generations that have come before us faced the same temptations and challenges we face today.This explains why Ruth was an unattractive prospect.

So, if you have evidence that something here is incomplete or incorrect, please kindly share it with me so I can improve this history.

This also explains why women like Tamar, who were raped and didn’t marry the rapist, didn’t get remarried to anyone (2 Samuel 13).

There are other interesting implications of this type of contract. She was supposed to marry a close relative of her first husband.

Some of you find history as fascinating as I do, so I want to share the whole history in one place.

I am also wanting to put this history up for public fact-checking and cross-examination.

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