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The creature bites Granny on her forearm and, unknown to her at the time, afflicts her with a curse that causes her to shapeshift into a wolf during wolfstime.The wolf turns out to be the man Granny eventually marries and has a daughter named Anita with him.After Anita inherits the curse and has a daughter of her own, Granny disagrees with Anita's wish to bring up the child with knowledge of her wolf heritage.She steals the child from Anita and raises her on her own.During wolfstime when a dangerous wolf is stalking the village, her father and brothers attempt to murder the beast, however, the wolf kills all of them.Granny, after witnessing her father's death from the cottage rooftop, tumbles down and lands in her family's splattered blood, just in front of the wolf.

She débuts in the first episode of the first season. She is the Enchanted Forest counterpart of Granny, and is the main reality version of Granny.As Granny grows older, her curse fades and she no longer has to shapeshift during wolfstime, however, she retains some wolf-like characteristics, such as her keen sense of smell.When Red is about five years old, Granny sees her being walked home from school by the blacksmith's son Peter.Peter offers to help her look, but Granny leaves alone. The next day, Granny receives a note from the schoolteacher Miss Cates asking for a batch of muffins.Her old scar from the wolf attack causes her mild pain, but when Red asks questions about it, she shoos her away to fetch milk from Farmer Thompson.

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