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Scientific analyses show the initial set of targets that countries pledged before Paris don't match the agreement's long-term goal to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius compared with pre-industrial times.

The Academy Award winner urged world leaders to leave fossil fuels 'in the ground where they belong' and told them that they are the 'last best hope' for saving the planet from the disastrous effects of global warming.

France's environment minister is in charge of global climate negotiations.

Hi everyone, I’d start by introducing myself but I’m anonymous, I feel exposed standing here let alone speaking to you and revealing my face.

But hey, at least the CEO of ABC Rehab drives a BMW and vacations in the Bahamas, right? Take a bunch of people down and out and make them list their shortcomings. Why use a medication that works when they won’t come back for more?

We are lying to the world that we are here to help people with drinking problems. We call promotion “attraction.” We get jobs inside rehabs just so we can carry the message to clients pretending to be impartial unbiased professionals. These are straight up ethics violations when we tell a patient they need to find God or they’ll never get sober. AA is in nearly every rehab, it is recommended by so many, and it is little understood that AA only helps a select few.

We’ve lazily and cruelly accepted this 5% odds of achieving success with AA. I see you out there, rolling your eyes, coughing, sneering, nodding off, shaking your heads… You who claim at nearly every meeting how humble you are today are so quick to mock someone else’s journey to recovery.

SMART Recovery, SOS, Life Ring, Women for Sobriety, Moderation Management, and HAMS for harm reduction. Ask AA to stop printing guidelines about how to carry AA into courts and prisons instead of blaming courts and prisons for sending them to us. Us volunteers can leave at any time because we follow traditions. We laugh at our 13 Stepping because in here sexual harassment is the norm even if the rest of the world calls it a misdemeanor. We can’t even change our sexist literature, and we tell the women we supposedly love in these rooms to stop bitching about it. Back when “blacks only” meetings were something we cannot change. We are so full of shit, in fact, we ridicule the rehabs for softening the message. We forget the fact that if not for AA, if not for Marty Mann, a lesbian and a woman no less, and a study that skewed the facts, the AMA would not have deemed alcoholism a disease. We forget our members invented rehab’s Minnesota Model in order to make 12 Step recovery a profitable and insurable solution. We deny responsibility whenever a member abuses another member. AA admits no wrong doing, in fact, they offer no comment, no condolences at all. We have the audacity to say we live on spiritual terms but our organization remains silent about a member murdered by another member? You wanna tell me AA has no opinion on outside issues? So we have no qualms telling people “you have thinking problems,” yet we expect these same “stinkin’ thinkers” to be capable of obey rules that are non-existent? Why does the government get to infringe on our rights? The stigma against us drunks and druggies has not been solved by AA. Why can’t we announce our so-called diseases proudly? AA tells us we’ll kill AA if we told anyone we belonged here. But even a 9 year old can tell you real love doesn’t involve shame.

The last thing we want for you to do is leave AA and die. You’re twisting the truth that we don’t recruit people. Courts are not AA so they don’t have to follow traditions and can force attendance. More than half our US states have deemed AA highly religious, but we deny that don’t we? And now, we blame the rehabs and the courts for sending people to us when we print flyers inviting them to come here? A young lady gets murdered by a man she met in AA, we don’t even blame him, no way, we blame her for breaking some make believe rule she was supposed to know about not dating the first year. The Pope didn’t molest anyone but he has the decency to publicly accept responsibility and apologize to the people hurt by his church. So why wouldn’t we commit crimes against each other if there’s no rule against it and we’ll just make amends and leave the police out of it. In AA we are told to keep our membership a secret and our loved ones are told the same thing in Al-Anon. 80 years later and we’re a bunch of drunks who don’t deserve rights.

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