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Note that if you choose to take 12 credits of language in one semester, the number of elective USAC courses you can take in European Politics, Culture, and Art Studies will be limited. She loves to travel internationally and has visited five continents and approximately twenty seven countries so far.

She is also fascinated with learning different languages and spent a summer as a student with USAC in Chengdu, China trying to improve her Mandarin language skills.

Seminal readings on subcultures are used to discuss the practices of ‘alternative’ urban lives in postindustrial society and certain trends of artistic production.

Focus is on political interpretation of youth subversion and disclosures of power mechanisms.

Multidisciplinary perspectives of cultural, literary, and media studies are explored.

During the course students will watch selected feature films in their entirety (with English subtitles or commentary) or there will be short examples illustrating the topic discussed.

Students will read the texts required for each lesson and discuss them in the class. Students should ask anything that is not clear enough, bring their own ideas, and participate actively in the programme of the course. This course provides students with basic skills needed to communicate on a daily basis.

A refundable fee of 0 is charged and returned upon successful completion of the internship.

Students who wish to study more advanced language may take the following courses offered by Charles University, for an additional fee.

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