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Just thinking about it like that should open up an entire window of empathy to what a lot of women have to deal with every day, walking into toxic male work environments. If it's not overt, it's an electrical undercurrent that has always run through society.So that's the way things are set up and now when you talk about comedy that world is a goddamn free-for-all, it's a Wild West Show, it's a boy's club, yeah, I guess it is.There was no place for them to go with these stories where they felt safe to tell them and it's f****** sad.

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'I would say, this story about you forcing these women to watch you jerk off, what is that? He goes, no it's not true, it's not real, it's a rumor.I didn't know their names until Friday, so I believe my friend. To find that empathy it requires some sort of vigilance.It's just that the environment enabled the dismissiveness of it. The work environment, the social environment, makes it difficult for people to come forward and be heard, to be listened to, to be believed. It requires, you know, really being - not just listening to someone's story or listening to something someone says - to actually put yourself in the place of another person.It's not true.adly, yeah, I knew what most people knew.There was a story out there, I guess, going back several years that there were unnamed people, the story took place in a hotel room in Aspen, it was always out there.

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