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It's something of a lottery with food preparation, storage and hygiene (including yours) the key factors.

Chances are you will probably get some form of diarrhoea at some time during a long trip.

Best advice: don't get paranoid about food poisoning otherwise it can cloud a trip and your experiences of some great food.

Quite often it can be the result of getting other people's faeces in your mouth.The dirty culprits are normally cooks not washing their hands after a trip to the toilet, but even if the restaurant cook does not understand basic hygiene you will be safe if your food has been properly cooked and arrives piping hot.Whatever causes it or wherever it came from doesn't really matter - try to let diarrhoea pass through you with plenty of water, a basic diet and maybe try apple sliced very thin then left to turn brown.A distinction should be drawn between general travellers' diarrhoea, and severe diarrhoea.The former which is more of an annoyance than a major problem, can normally be clocked up to changes in diet, time-zone, irregular eating and general stress.

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