Forensic document dating cases

Since that time we have examined thousands of sets of medical records for both plaintiffs and defendants.The primary focus of most of these examinations is to determine if there have been any alterations, additions, or rewritings to the records and when they may have been done.We occupy 6,000 square feet of professional office space where our state-of-the-art instruments are located.MEDICAL MALPRACTICE Our firm’s first medical malpractice case dates back to the early 1980’s.A famous case where document dating played a major key in uncovering the true history of a document involved the CBS News anchor Dan Rather’s report of the George W. In this case, the documents in question were produced on an IBM Selectric® typewriter equipped with a correction lift-off option.This particular option was not developed or commercially available until years after the date of production of the documents in question.The expert concluded documents had been removed from the chart by examining the documents with side lighting and noting the presence of impressions from writings not found in the chart.

The other expert refused to review the ESDA film and would not concede the ESDA showed nothing wrong or missing with the records.

However, this point became obvious to the jury as they returned a “no cause” verdict in favor of the defendants.

EXAMPLE #2 – State of Pennsylvania A case in Pennsylvania involved a patient devolping major shoulder and hip problems from avascular necrosis.

The resulting film was compared to the known pre-natal prescriptions.

Based on this evidence and demonstration the judge dismissed the spoliation claim.

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